My Represent Square

My Represent Square

Originally uploaded by limonene.

This is the square I knitted for Warm Up America during the book launch. It’s done in Patons Soy Wool Stripes, in Natural Navy.

I chose to make my square out of garter stitch because I got a late start knitting it (I didn’t really think about what the yarn and needles were for until the speaker from the Craft Yarn Council spelled it out for us), and I wanted to try to get it done during Stephanie’s talk. Purling and counting really slow me down, especially when I’m trying to pay attention to multiple things at once, and this was no time for ripping back. Later on I was glad that I chose garter stitch for another reason. The SWS is nice and squishy and fuzzy, but in my hands it was also rather splitty. I couldn’t really knit it by touch and I had to keep looking up at Stephanie and back down at the square. I might have driven myself mad if I tried to get too fancy with things, and keeping it simple was the way to go. I finished just under the wire, during the Q&A, and got to add my square to the satisfyingly large pile of other squares.

I think that that’s the way that Stephanie has touched a nerve with a lot of knitters. All I did was to knit a 7″ by 9″ block. 35 stitches by some number of rows. It isn’t much, it didn’t take a huge amount of time or resources, and there’s not much you can do with a 7″ by 9″ block. BUT. When you get together with a whole community of knitters, be it just a few or around 700, or even more, and you each put in a little bit of time and effort and resources, and repeat those small actions over and over, then all together, you can do a whole lot of good. It’s how the donations for Warm Up America and the hats for the homeless became part of these Represent events. It’s how Stephanie’s fundraising drive for Doctors Without Borders has raised over $320,000. As she said, this concept of small actions repeated many times is a lot like knitting, and it’s pretty darn inspiring.

I’m starting to think that my gauge gets really loose when I’m trying to speed knit. I cast on 35 stitches, like the brochure said, and I ended up with a square that was almost the right dimensions (7″ by 9″), but not in the direction that I expected. It’s still slightly too wide, at a smidge over 9″, but it’s exactly 7″ long. This has happened with other squares that I’ve made, so I’m going to have to work on this in the future.


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