Knitter’s Block


Originally uploaded by limonene.

I can be a bit of a procrastinator with my knitting sometimes. Right now I’m rushing to finish the last pattern repeat of the Lizard Ridge block for my knitting circle’s baby blanket. I’m three rows away from the end of it, and then it’s on to block the final 5 squares. I traded all of the blocking for some of my share of the sewing, which I almost feel guilty about, because I’ve come out so far ahead (even though the squares take more than a day to dry, so I’ll be sleeping on the floor tomorrow night). It’s no coincidence that the only sweater that I’ve actually ever finished is a seamless one.

I’m thrilled with the way this project has come out, and how vibrant the colors of Cascade Superwash are. I also love the way this pattern blocks out. I truly believe that blocking is magic, and it’s amazing what a little water and a little (or a lot) of stretching can do.


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