Flashing My Stash

Since this is my first year with a knitting blog, this is my first opportunity to participate in “Flash Your Stash” Along with other knitters, I’m taking photographs of (most of) my yarn and showing the internet just how much of it I own. Here goes nothing:

Here’s the vast majority of it. The process of getting the stash out of my various storage (and hiding) places was pretty tiring, so I piled it up on the bed, and then I decided to take some pictures of the subcategories of yarn in my stash.

The yarn I scored at the String moving sale. The lavender yarn is Filatura de Crosa Trilly, a 50/50 cashmere/silk blend.

This is the lace yarn. I’ve got a healthy amount of Jaggerspun Zephyr, which has been my favorite to work with so far, but I also have lace yarn and a copper bamboo from Habu, some kool-aid dyed Knitpicks laceweight, cashmere from School Products and a skein of Sea Silk that I’m really excited to get to knitting with.

The souvenir yarn from various trips.

And now on to the sock yarns:
The Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock and Shepherd Sport

The miscellaneous

The Blue Moon Fiber Arts

And the Koigu, Louet, and Cherry Tree Hill.

There’s still more of it too. The rest of it can be seen in the Flickr photoset I put together of my stash.


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