Odds and ends

Getting closer, originally uploaded by limonene.

Here’s Crusoe, or as much of it as there was before the subway ride to trivia last night. On the way to and from Brooklyn and during the pub quiz there I managed to knit enough of it to get to the toe decreases. In between rows, our team scraped out a win, despite totally choking in the second half. More yarn money for me, when I can spend it again!

My goal is to finish the decreases and the Kitchenering tonight, so I can cast on the second sock. Why am I in such a rush? Well, I’m going to Andy’s homecoming game at the Stadium tomorrow, and I definitely don’t have enough sock for the game (I alternate between knitting and keeping score at ballgames. It’s my thing. I get some funny looks from people, but I really have no idea why). So far, the Yankees haven’t gotten involved with Stitch and Pitch, although I see that the Mets have an event on August 8th…I suppose that the Yankees brass are aware of the massive drawing power of knitting in New York and are afraid of having hordes of pointy-stick-wielding people descending on the House that Ruth Built. At any rate, I’ll be at games on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday,

But I digress from the knitting at hand. It’s looking like I really overestimated the amount of yarn I’d need for the heel and foot, but I don’t think I’m going to rip back to make the cuff longer than 7.5 inches. The fabric isn’t especially stretchy, and I’d rather not cut off my circulation or deal with increasing in pattern. I’m still not 100% sure about this whole flap heel business, but we’ll see.

We’re in the last few days of Lent, so pretty soon I’ll feel free to buy some undyed superwash sock yarn to go with my navy blue acid dye. And even though I have 3 other shawls that I want to knit, I’m still very, very tempted to buy this pattern too. It would work really well with those two ounces of blueberry Zephyr that I have now that I think about it…

Ah well, while I contemplate that, I’ll close with this:
The first robin of spring
The first robin of spring, unless I count the very confused one I saw hopping around campus during that warm snap in January.


One thought on “Odds and ends

  1. Yes! getting closer on all fronts! Hope all is well in crusoe-land. 🙂 no knitting for me until next wednesday.. now if i could just organize that stash…

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