Second Sock Spectacular

Last night I finished my first Crusoe sock and cast on for the second. My Kitchener stitch looks wonky as always, and someday, somehow I’ll figure out what exactly I’m doing wrong.

Someday when there’s natural light again I’ll take real photographs, but the low-res MacBook camera will have to suffice for now.
Crusoe 2
Here’s the current state of the second Crusoe. I’m already into the stranded section–it goes pretty fast!

Crusoe texture
And here’s a gratuitous and blurry closeup of the texture of the sock.

Unfortunately what they say about the best laid plans is true, so I didn’t end up going to a game this afternoon after all. It started raining in the morning and poured all afternoon, so the game got called, and there’s no makeup scheduled as of yet. I won’t be able to go tomorrow night, so I’ll have to content myself with seeing Moose and Igawa pitch on Friday and Saturday instead of seeing Andy’s return to the Bronx.


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