Take me out


My First Game of the Season, originally uploaded by limonene.

I brought the sock to two Yankee games this past weekend, both of which were freezing. Friday night vs. the Orioles was the first of my 6 games in the bleachers, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so uncomfortable at a game. Despite wearing two pairs of pants, wool socks, multiple shirts, a sweater, a down parka, a hat, earmuffs, knitted wristwarmers and gloves, ewe still had to leave early because I couldn’t stop shivering. Really, the only bright spots were getting to see Mike Mussina up close as he warmed up in the bullpen, and finally giving my friend R. his Christmas gift: a pair of wristwarmers in Yankee Blue. I think they came in useful that night and for the rest of the weekend. Actually, that’s not true. After a long winter with no baseball, it’s always great when you finally get out to the stadium (even if it still feels like winter) to see your team playing again. After all, even though Moose didn’t have it that particular night, he’s still one of my favorite pitchers, and I got to see Alex rocking the high socks:

I just hope that the weather gets a lot nicer for me the next time I have those seats on the 27th, and that the outcome of the game is a more favorable one for my Yankees.


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