Stranded no more

Knitty Crusoe, originally uploaded by limonene.

My Crusoe socks are finally done. I finished the knitting in the car on the trip back from my cousin’s wedding, but it took me until last night to actually get up the nerve to try kitchenering again. It went about as well as my previous attempt, so now I have matching wonky purl toes. I’m still not sure what I’m doing wrong, even following the Knitty tutorial, but they’re comfortable enough in my shoes, and that’s really all that matters.

Instead of finishing my socks, what have I been doing?
Why, starting another pair of socks, of course. This time around it’s Gothic Spires by Cookie A, the knitter who brought us Pomatomus and Monkey (neither of which I’ve attempted yet). It’s Louet Gems Pearl Caribbean Blue, which I hope won’t end up being too jazzy a color for my grandmother, unless I also have time to knit up another pair in STR Footzey-Foo by Mother’s Day.

So far it’s been a fairly fun knit, but I definitely still need the chart, and have to count, count, count. I’ve had to rip back more than I care to admit. K1tbl P1 ribbing is not the same as K1 tbl P2 ribbing!


One thought on “Stranded no more

  1. 🙂 Those are 2 ¼ wonderful socks! I have temporarily given up on kitchnering and just do a attempt-at-loose 3 needle bindoff across. Does it look normal? Do I really care? My new toeups are going much better so I now see the joy of them..

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