Eye Candy Friday: Phil of the Future Edition

Phil of the Future, originally uploaded by limonene.

I’m returning to one of what will definitely be one of my favorite sources of material for “Eye Candy Friday”, the New York Yankees. Philip Hughes may only be twenty years old, which makes me feel rather ancient, but he threw 6.1 innings of no-hit baseball in Texas on Tuesday, before going down with a bad hamstring. He’ll be out for at least 6 weeks, but he had such amazing composure, both then, and during his major-league debut, the game this picture was taken before (despite getting knocked around a bit by Toronto), that I think he can go pretty far. Also pictured, standing behind him in the bullpen is pitching coach Ron “Gator” Guidry, who threw an 18 strikeout game for the Yankees in 1978.

Of course, not to be outdone by any member of the Yankee organization are the spring flowers around the campus. It’s wonderful to see the changes as the different plantings come into and out of bloom. Right now, the azaleas that are getting southern and eastern exposures are coming into their own:

And just a week or so ago we had the most adorable mini-daffodils blooming:


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