Spring has sprung

IMG_3448.JPG, originally uploaded by limonene.

I’m still on my sock kick, but this time I’m doing something a little different. Despite having a rather healthy Koigu stash, I’ve never made socks out of it (I did knit the cabled purse from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, so it’s not like I’ve never used it). I also decided to give my usual round toe a rest and try a new toe-up cast on: the Magic Cast On from Knitty. The verdict? I have a funny little bump at one side of the toe, but I think that can be avoided on the next sock, and it’ll be a treat not to have to sew the toe of my sock closed.

I’m working with a lone skein of Koigu from Purl, and the yardage is definitely going to be tight. I started by casting on 20 stitches and increased up to 60, and I’m really hoping that I have enough yarn to get me through a short-row heel and a teensy cuff. To try to stretch what yarn I have, I’ve picked a lacy pattern: Stems from More Sensational Knitted Socks. I’m a little over 4 inches in already, and I’m enjoying how the pattern works with the spring-like colors:


The color stretches are a little bit longer than I expected from Koigu–my first attempt at the sock yielded a green instep and a purple sole–and a way-too-big sock–but decreasing by 4 stitches has made all the difference, I think.

I also finally got my order from Amazon: a cheap enamel pot for dyeing yarn, Going Solo in the Kitchen (an attempt to get myself cooking more again), a 2 gig SD card so I can take pictures to my little heart’s content at my 5-year reunion without running out of room, and Knitting Nature. As I take a closer look at it I’ll definitely write a fuller review. This may be heresy to say, but as with the patterns written by Guaghan that I’ve seen in magazines, there are some absolutely brilliant designs alongside some garments that are…oddly proportioned and just kind of strange. I’m looking forward to knitting some of the garments that I can wear, and I’ll pass on the ones that would look like they’re wearing me.


One thought on “Spring has sprung

  1. very pretty sock! I have yet to knit a sock with koigu either. I’m curious about this cook book .. we are two but often have to cook for one b/c of my crazy food ‘restrictions’ and a picky eater. it’s quite difficult if you aren’t a family of 4 to get recipes right! good luck cooking!

    knitting nature is a fascinating read but few of the patterns really spoke to me. they are neat in construction but would wear weirdly on me.

    happy friday!

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