Dr. Bernie!

Bernie!, originally uploaded by limonene.

This weekend, former (boy, that’s difficult for me to write!) Yankee center fielder Bernie Williams received an honorary doctorate in humane letters from Iona College. I really miss having Bernie with the team–and not just because he waved at me that one time I was sitting in the bleachers. There was just some kind of calmness about him that I think the team really could use. He spent 13 seasons with the team, so he’d seen it all. Deep down I know that it was time for him to go, but the fangirl in me definitely wishes that he could just have kept going forever. At least I’ll always have his album to listen to.

On the knitting front, I’ve done something that I believe that I might have sworn never to do: started another Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono in cotton yarn. I’m using Cascade Luna in a pretty lavender-pink instead of the Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, but the yarns do feel pretty similar. This time around I’m starting with 40 stitches instead of 36 in the hopes that it turns out even bigger than my first one (as the baby is already here), and I’m cramming my work onto too-short Bryspuns to make it easier on the hands. With a little luck, it’ll turn out as nice as this one:
Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono


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