Make Way for Eye Candy Friday

IMG_3579.JPG, originally uploaded by limonene.

And for another change of pace, this Friday I present some urban fauna. For the past several years, we’ve had a family of ducks nesting in one of the fountains on campus. They’ve really captured our affections–we’ve had world-class, prize-winning scientists buying food for them and admonishing the rest of the campus not to feed them junk, and the engineers built a floating ramp so the ducklings can scale the 8 inch high walls of the fountain more easily.


It’s a pretty nice perk to be able to have lunch outside in the garden and watch 10 or 11 ducklings and their mother paddling around, one that I’ve been anticipating for a few weeks. We were wondering exactly what kind of ducks they were yesterday, but today we got confirmation that they’re mallards (what with the father clearly being a mallard, and all).

We’ve jokingly been formulating a plan to duck-nap a couple of the ducklings and set up a race course for them in the hallway. We’re observing them closely, determining which ducklings have the speed, the agility, and the “will to win”. Of course we won’t go through with it, because we know nothing about duck husbandry, but it’s still fun to think about how adorable they’ll look in their little duck racing jerseys.



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