Knitting on

IMG_3793.JPG, originally uploaded by limonene.

Well, more like slogging on…life has gotten in the way of knitting, so I haven’t made very much progress on the second Gothic Spire, despite having carried it everywhere with me. I managed to knit a row on the way back to the city from a friend’s wedding, and that’s been about it. I’m expecting some more sock yarn any day now, including some more Fleece Artist for my own Gothic Spire socks, but I think I have to declare a moratorium on new sock projects until I’ve Kitchenered my last stitch of these.

I’ve also hit a bit of a roadblock on the baby kimono: I’ve run out of the yarn. I won’t have time to go downtown to search for more of the same dyelot in the yarn, so I decided to improvise. I’m ripping out the last of a different baby sweater I started in some navy-blue Mission Falls 1824 cotton to supplement the petal pink Cascade Luna (the majority of that blue yarn went into my first baby kimono). I’m really hoping that I can come up with something that looks like I’d planned it that way from the start. My original addition of two blue stripes didn’t quite do it, so now I have to guess if three or four stripes would work, or if I should consider thicker stripes. Then there’s always the possibility that I could rip back the cast on edge to add stripes there. I suppose that would free up some more yardage and make things match, but I just don’t know how fiddly it is to rip out in the “wrong” direction, and how much stress that would put on the yarn. After all, I wouldn’t want to give a chewed-up looking sweater.


One thought on “Knitting on

  1. my monkey is a little slow now too. perhaps a crocheted border on the “wrong direction?” (I’m not yet awake and having a hard time to visualize. Hmm…

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