Another traveling sock

IMG_0620.JPG, originally uploaded by limonene.

After I collected myself from my sprint to make the train to Boston last Thursday, I cast on for my new set of traveling socks. I wanted to do something simpler than the Gothic Spire socks, and something toe-up, because so far I do like the short-row heel the best. I made a lot of good progress on the train (it’s amazing how fast having an extra .5 mm in needle diameter makes the knitting go!), and continued on and off throughout my 5-year college reunion.

I’m still not sure how I managed to get any knitting in during the reunion, but over the weekend, I managed to get to the point where I turned the heel. Of course, I also took time to take a tour on “enemy turf”:

Spend an afternoon at my class’ “Field Day”:
which also gave me the opportunity to be a “dizzy bat” referee/participant catcher…

Watch them fully light the Great Dome for the first time in 30 years or so:
And just generally see a ton of my old friends and have a wonderful time.

As you can guess from my first photo, I also took my socks to a Diamondbacks-Yankees game this week.
Chien-Ming Wang wasn’t brilliant, but he was more than good enough, lasting 7 innings and only giving up a solo home run. Brandon Webb didn’t fare so well–the majority of the scoring happened in the first inning, where an error was followed by a single by Jeter, which was followed up by a 3-run homer by Bobby Abreu. To top it all off, Mariano Rivera pitched a scoreless 9th inning, and sure looked like he’s back to being the Mo of old:

A good time was clearly had by all:

Finally, here’s a closeup of the toe of the socks. I’m using Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Parrot from my latest The Loopy Ewe on 2.5 mm Addi Lace needles. Before I headed out, I copied and charted out the Drooping Elm Leaf pattern from Barbara Walker’s First Treasury. I had to use a “figure 8” toe-up cast-on because I forgot how to do the Magic Cast On, and it seems to have worked out.


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