Eye Candy Friday

IMG_3932.JPG, originally uploaded by limonene.

“Nature” isn’t really a word that springs to mind when you think of “Shea Stadium” (heck, there aren’t even any Bleacher Creatures there!), but as is the case in the city, it seems to find a way to sneak in wherever it can. This little guy landed on the hat of one of the ladies sitting in front of me, creating quite a stir in our section. I think it’s a black swallowtail butterfly, but something seems to have taken a chunk out of the back of his wings, so I can’t tell for sure.

The game that surrounded this butterfly was a pretty good one–the only one that the Mets took from the Diamondbacks that weekend. I’m not a Met hater, like some Yankee fans can be. I really liked Willie Randolph, and I enjoy seeing him do well, and El Duque is one of the most fun pitchers to watch in the league. As long as they lose all or most of the 6 games per year they play against my Yankees (like the one I’ll be at tonight), I bear them no ill will whatsoever.


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