Mets at Yankees, June 15, 2007

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It may not have had the entertainment value of Jose Reyes falling down as he attempted to hit one of Chien-Ming Wang’s pitches, but I had an up-close view of the pitchers’ duel between Roger Clemens and Oliver Perez on Friday night. Unfortunately for us, the role of Alexander Hamilton was played by Roger Clemens.


Clemens gave the Yankees a quality start, going 6.1 innings, with 6 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk and 8 strikeouts, keeping the Yankees in the game,
but unfortunately that just wasn’t enough. Vizcaino, , Meyers,, and Bruney held the Mets scoreless, so the pitching was definitely there–it was all on the hitters. Between not getting some crucial hits, and terrible, Little-League style baserunning (Hideki Matsui, I’m looking at you), they just couldn’t plate a run and Clemens got charged with the loss.

Although the outcome of the game was a bit disappointing, the seat that I was sitting in definitely wasn’t. One of the trustees of my school donated a bunch of Main Level box seats to the university, so we were sitting behind the Yankees’ on deck circle and not far from the batter’s box. I really did appreciate the view (hey, I’m not made of stone here!).

(Abreu and Rodriguez didn’t have great nights at the plate, although Bobby did walk once. It was refreshing, though, to hear that all the fans were really behind Alex–a nice change from last season)

(This is before Derek hit a double, his second hit of the night–he singled in the first).

The seats also provided a bit of a different angle on the dancing groundskeepers that are so beloved by my mother.


I may never sit in seats this nice ever again, but I’m very grateful for the opportunity to do so in the “old” Yankee Stadium. The bleachers and the upper deck are more my speed price-wise, but I could totally see myself developing a taste for the better seats in the house.


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