Convocation Day

IMG_1222.JPG, originally uploaded by limonene.

Today my roommate P and a few other grad school friends of mine received their Ph.D.s It was a very nice ceremony, as usual, and it was very interesting to see what each adviser had to say about the students they were presenting for their degrees. Also interesting were the remarks by the two recipients of honorary degrees from the university: Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Professor E.O. Wilson.


Both gave very good talks, I thought, although the mayor’s was definitely receiving much more coverage:
and his appearance was a bit more of a circus in general (he got called away during part of the ceremony). No word on whether or not he’ll make a presidential run now that he’s declared himself an independent, although his speech did touch on some larger scale issues like immigration reform.¬† Professor Wilson talked a bit about his research career and about the necessity for observing and cataloging the various organisms on the planet because we’ve only scratched the surface.

I’m also still knitting away on the razor cami. The goal is to have it done while it’s still warm enough to wear the thing. I think I can make it.


One thought on “Convocation Day

  1. brain starts processing.. but uhm.. wow! that stage brings back happy memories.. (i’ve played there.. my youth orchestra has(had?) their father’s day concert there)…

    congrats to your friends! the cami looks great!

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