Eye Candy Friday

IMG_4738.JPG, originally uploaded by limonene.

Objects in the pond are closer than they appear:


There’s a little pond out in Central Park with radio-controlled sailboats to rent It’s something fun to watch while you’re killing some time in the park on a nice day.

Not much knitting to report lately. The weather we’ve had for the past few days hasn’t really agreed with me, so I’ve been needing to save my hand strength for my experiments. The Razor Cami is finally too big and heavy for me to cart around in my purse all the time, so I’m back to carrying my Drooping Elm Leaf Socks. I did manage to get a few rows in before the Yankee game on the 4th, which really seemed to engross the lady standing next to me and waiting for her nephew. I tried to tell her how easy it was, so maybe she’ll try to pick it up, but you never know.


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