Knitting around town

I have a tendency to get fidgety when I have downtime, so whenever I have a few free moments, whether they’re on the subway, or at pub trivia, or waiting to meet someone, I’ll reach for whatever knitting project happens to be in my purse and work on it for a while. A lot of the time, people won’t make eye contact with me, as is the custom in New York, and sometimes people will look at me and kind of smile, but sometimes the knitting can be quite a conversation starter. At trivia last week, it actually enabled me to meet some friends-of-friends. I walked over to another team to admire a sock that one of them was knitting, and noticed that the man sitting next to her looked awfully familiar–turns out that he and another member of that team were part of the group who organized this past year’s MIT Mystery Hunt (and that one of them co-wrote a baseball puzzle that I totally geeked out on). I’m kind of shy, so without knitting to bridge the gap, I most likely would have just wondered who the familiar-looking people in the corner were, but with the power of RPM Socks (hers) and the Razor Cami (mine), I was much more open to talking to people.


The Reunion Socks also led to quite a conversation. Last Wednesday I was waiting by the bat outside of Yankee Stadium to meet J., so I decided to get a few rows in on the project while I was there. Now, the bat (which is a boiler smokestack dressed up to look like a giant Louisville Slugger) is a pretty common meeting place at the stadium, because it’s sort of centrally located and extremely distinctive looking, so I was by no means alone. As I was working a lady came up to me and asked me what I was making, and how I was making it. So I explained that it was a sock, and that making it was much easier than it looked, etc., and then we got to talking a bit. It turned out that she and her family were in from Connecticut and were waiting for her nephew to get in from Queens. Then as other people joined us around the bat, she started pointing out what I was working on–first to her husband and son, and then to the couple with a pair of adorable young children. We joked about how at least my socks weren’t red, and the number of “mixed marriages”, although in both cases, one of the spouses converted. Then J. arrived, so we went into the stadium to watch the Yankees play the Twins.

It promised to be an exciting pitching matchup–Mike Mussina vs. Johan Santana, and for the most part, it delivered– until the 7th inning, that is. Even though he didn’t seem to have much left in the tank, the Moose got sent out for another inning (to try to get the win is the only reason I can come up with for letting him back on the mound), and was out there for two batters too many. Torii Hunter doubled, and then Kubel homered, and that was it for Mike.
Before the 6th, he pitched pretty well, but ultimately, once he got tired, he couldn’t get the job done. Brian Bruney allowed another double and a home run in the 9th, to put the game truly out of reach.
Johan Santana was really something to watch, though. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him pitch live before, and he was really quite graceful out there on the mound. Hideki Matsui did manage a home run off of him, and Derek Jeter doubled and got brought in by Andy Phillips in the fourth, but other than that, Santana shut the Yankees down.

Even though the outcome wasn’t what I wanted, it was still really nice to spend Independence Day at the ballpark. It’s hard to say too many good things about getting to spend an afternoon outside, hanging out and catching a ballgame. Especially when you can follow it up with some fireworks:
That’s the (somewhat limited) view of the Macy’s fireworks from my window. Not bad at all, when you consider that I didn’t have to stand out in the rain to see them, no?


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