IMG_5922.JPG, originally uploaded by limonene.

After what has begun to seem like an interminable period of knitting around on the cami, trying on, and then knitting some more, I’ve finally reached a point where I can split for the front and the back without having a midriff-baring cami. I might have built a little too much negative ease in, because what seemed very long on the needles was dispiritingly short on me, but not being allowed to start any new knitting projects until this one is finished is a powerful motivator to keep at it.

I’m even a bit further along than this picture indicates. While the directions say to knit 3.5 inches in pattern, bind off, and then pick up stitches in a contrasting color and bind off, after knitting three inches in pattern, I’m going to finish with .5 to .75 inches of 3×1 ribbing to keep the cast-off edge from being too wavy. I also modified the number of stitches that were divided for the front and back (6 pattern repeats for the front, 7 for the back), because of other people’s results with dividing evenly, and decreased by 2 stitches on each side so that when I pick up 5 stitches for the I-cord straps that I have planned, the cord will be centered across the column of decreases. The last time I tried it on it seemed like that would work, but I’m really flying blind here, so I hope it does.

The Reunion Socks are getting there too. I’m about two pattern repeats from being able to turn the heel.


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