Got (Nickel-Plated) Brass in Pocket


I’ve been making a lot of progress on my Wicked sweater. This past weekend I finished knitting the (optional) pocket, and pinned it to a towel for a quick steam-blocking. I knitted it onto the body of the sweater, and then took a brief detour from the directions in the pattern to get it sewn on as quickly as possible–the hot, humid weather we’ve had recently would undo all of my blocking efforts long before I got around to sewing up if I were to finish working on the edging and the sleeves beforehand.


As much as I dislike seaming by hand, this pocket was so small that I didn’t have time to get sick of it. Using Elizabeth Zimmermann’s sewn cast-off to bind off some 160 or so stitches, on the other hand… I did the majority of the binding off en route to and at an outdoor concert on Sunday afternoon, so I had plenty of distractions. In the future, however, I’ll save the sewn cast-off for socks and other small items.

I’ve finished some more of the sweater since I took that last picture. I decided to go with the seed stitch border in the pattern as written, and I’ve picked up the stitches for, and knit about 8 inches of the left sleeve. My plan is to do 3/4-length sleeves instead of full-length to save me from having to push the sleeves up all the time, even though I have plenty of yarn left. Based on the amount of yarn I used for the pocket and am using on the first sleeve, I should get in at around 7 balls (or very slightly more). That leaves me with about 3 skeins of the yarn to play around with at some point in the future.


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