Miles of stockinette to go


After getting off to a rocky start,, I’m finally making progress on my Tangled Yoke Cardigan. I’ve been doing way more modification on the fly than I thought that I might have to, what with the needle change shrinking my row gauge, and realizing that one extra inch of length probably won’t be enough to keep the garment from being midriff-baring. So here I am, changing the spacing between increases willy-nilly, and hoping for the best. The waist shaping should be fairly foolproof, though, as long as it hits in the right place. I love how forgiving knitting can be.

After I get through the last 2-3 inches of this, it’ll be time to cast on for the sleeves. I’ve been tempted to attempt to knit both at once, just to try something new, but I don’t really trust myself to not create a tangled mess or to knit both of the sleeves together. On the other hand, if I do them separately, there’s no guarantee they’ll turn out to be the same length, or that I’ll manage to get all of the increases perfectly lined up. Decisions, decisions.


One thought on “Miles of stockinette to go

  1. two socks at a time wasn’t too bad… i do think you’d need to do this with two circs though to help limit the tangle. i’m not sure how magic loop would work, but am sure it could. (i tend to wrap my yarn around my needles no matter what i do, so i need to constantly have open ends floating around to clean stuff up).

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