Eye Candy Friday: How Do You Like Them Apples? Edition

The summer months are clearly starting to wind down–the days are getting shorter, the nights cooler, and the football season started last night (sigh). When you live in the “concrete jungle”, it can be easy to miss other signs of fall, but sometimes you just sort of stumble across them in the most unexpected places.

Take this apple tree for instance. Seemingly neglected, in a part of the city not known for its agriculture, it was nonetheless loaded down with fruit when J and I came across it while searching for the entrance to a New York City landmark. And what landmark might that have been?


Does this narrow it down a bit?


How about this view?

We found the tree while we were walking around the Lower East Side, meandering our way towards the pedestrian entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. Later on in our trek, a kind police officer pointed us toward the staircase that saved us a couple of extra blocks of walking and some intimidating street crossings.


We only meandered about one third or so of the way across the bridge. It was very hot that day, and we wanted to give ourselves enough time to eat a proper dinner before our evening’s activities instead of trying to find a subway stop in the immediate vicinity of the bridge on the Brooklyn Side. I definitely do plan to go all the way across someday, to see if trees grow in Brooklyn as well.


One thought on “Eye Candy Friday: How Do You Like Them Apples? Edition

  1. Yes… dear, a tree (or two) does grow in Brooklyn. There is an A train (C too, but it’s much more fun to say take the A) just on the other side (High Street) .. there are signs which point you there. The F train is nearby too but closer to the Manhattan Bridge I believe. If you walk a bit further (across the park toward the courts) you get to Jay Street & Borough Hall and there are a plethora of trains there.

    The pedestrian entrances can be a bit daunting on both sides.

    Come visit!

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