Eye Candyapple Friday

Even though we’ve been having a week of very, very summery weather, fall can’t be far away. The rows of decorative crabapple trees that are planted along one of the paths here at the university are starting to bear red, jewel-like fruit.


I’ve been making progress on the sleeves of my sweater, albeit very, very slowly. I’ve got about eight inches of each sleeve done, which means I’ve finally hit the stockinette portion of them. I do hope that they start to go faster now that I only have to worry about purling once a round, but all the rearranging that knitting two sleeves at once entails really cuts into my knitting speed. Perhaps the best thing that I can say about the technique is that I’m guaranteed to have matching increases and sleeves that are the same length, because it sure does take a lot of patience


One thought on “Eye Candyapple Friday

  1. they look great.

    i hate how slow two-socks at a time feels, but it’s a nice safety net bc I know they’ll hopefully be closer in size than if i knit them separate. 🙂

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