Monarchs on the move


There’s been a patch of campus that has been under construction for about as long as I’ve been going to school at this university. I say “about as long” because this summer, they finally took down the temporary wall around it and planted a butterfly garden. There have been plenty of butterflies (and moths) taking advantage of the garden all summer, but now that autumn is officially here, the most common butterfly around these parts has been the monarch.


This has actually been the first time that I’ve managed to get a picture of the butterflies in this garden–I haven’t been quick enough on the draw in the past, but as the monarchs start their annual migration, they’ve become more and more common. I have to admit that I’m very impressed with how resilient these little insects are. That something as delicate and fragile looking as a butterfly can make it all the way from the northeast to Mexico to overwinter is just amazing to me.


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