Eye Candy Friday

After all, fruit is like Nature’s candy, right?
In the conservatories at Longwood Gardens, they recreate some of the house gardens that the Du Pont family had to provide them with fresh tropical and out-of-season fruit all year long.  I’m sure that outside of Longwood, strawberry guavas are not that common in Pennsylvania.


In the room called the Orangery, they had a number of planters of grapefruit trees set up, while the other greenhouses had plenty of other citrus varieties, including several different kinds of kumquat.

Of course, when you want the most perfect fruit specimens possible, you resort to some interesting tactics. They had signs posted about how the family employed gardeners to thin out bunches of grapes so the individual grapes didn’t touch one another, and they also had these:
Melon trees that had been trained up the walls of the greenhouse, and whose fruit had to be supported by net bags, so it didn’t touch the ground.


And of course, no tropical greenhouse would be complete without a group of pineapple plants, complete with adorable mini-pineapples.

I’m still making progress on the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. Pictures will follow soon, now that I’ve finally joined the sleeves to the body and have started the cable pattern.


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