Eye Candy Friday: The Fix is In

I was taking pictures of the current progress on my Tangled Yoke Cardigan, all set to use the cable texture as my Eye Candy Friday, when I noticed something. Something bad. Sure, the front of the sweater looks fine, and I’m very happy with that, but when I turned it over to take a photo of the back, something stuck out at me like a sore thumb:

I must have gotten distracted while knitting on the bus, and I had mis-crossed the cables at the center-back of the sweater. Instead of having a cable that was symmetrical, gracefully crossing and swooping to join with the motifs on either side (as on the bottom of the pattern), I had misread the chart and created an odd looking braid that connected with nothing in particular.

I was not looking forward to ripping out two rows of over 280 stitches each and reknitting, but fortunately, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee came to my rescue. By following her directions, I found that I could just drop the stitches involved with the cable, ladder down to the offending row, and re-cross the stitches in the correct direction (her explanation is much more detailed than that, with lots of pictures as well). So that’s what I did, laddering down and knitting back up, first for one side:


And then the other. I got the crossing correct, and my cardigan was saved, all through the magic of the internet.

I’m not sure how much of my readership read me for my rather infrequent recaps of Yankee games, or are baseball fans. I have saved a couple of games to go through during the (too long) offseason, but I have something else that might tide people over. A friend of mine is doing a study of pitch precision by logging where catchers set up to receive a pitch vs. where the pitch actually is caught. If you’re watching the baseball playoffs and you’d like to be a volunteer game logger, check out the site here: Catcher Spotting. Any innings would be much appreciated, and besides–“it’s for science!” is certainly one of the best excuses I can think of to watch a ballgame.


4 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday: The Fix is In

  1. Did you have a problem with the 5 to 1 decrease. I just can’t get that row right. I never have problems but I have been searching to see if anyone but me had a problem with that row. I have ripped out 3 times alread. Shows you that even afte knitting for 40 years you still can be an old goof.

  2. The first few times I did the 5 to 1 decrease I found it pretty fiddly, and I had to read the directions a few times before I got the hang of it. The center of the cluster of 5 stitches is the one the “sees all the action”. It has the other 4 stitches passed over it, and eventually gets purled at the end. You slip the 3 stitches purlwise to the right needle and pass the second one over the first stitch. Then you move the stitch over to the left needle and pass the second stitch on that needle over it. Then you have to slip the stitch back to the right needle and pass the second stitch over it (it’s getting a bit bulky by now), and finally you move it back to the left needle and pass the second stitch over. The stitch is on the left needle, so you can just purl it like a normal stitch and carry on with the row.

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