Reaching the finish line

‘It’s going to be a double marathon weekend in New York City, and my new scarf seems pretty psyched about it. That’s definitely a good thing, because it’s gotten very chilly lately, and looks to be especially nasty out for the Mens’ Olympic marathon trials. Several of my friends are runners, and they’re looking forward to seeing 52.4 miles of running.

I am so, so close to finally being done with the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. As soon as I can remember what I did with my hand sewing needles or get out to the fabric store to pick up some that will fit through the buttons I picked out, it’ll be ready to wear. I’m a little bit afraid of wet blocking the thing because of the stories that this yarn really blooms after being washed, although I did carefully wash my swatch and still got gauge. I’m around 0 to negative ease, though, so a little bit of growth might not be a bad thing, and will keep the buttons from gapping. Or that’s what I keep telling myself to avoid panic. Maybe I’ll just steam block. . .

In other news, apparently the NHL strike has ended, because I got to go see the Rangers play the Capitals at Madison Square Garden last night, courtesy of a friend who got extra tickets from work. In a lot of ways, it felt like a minor league baseball game (with little kids taking penalty shots and grown-ups racing on tricycles during the time between periods), except it took place on skates and there were Zambonis. Oh, and the stadium was a lot warmer than the Yankee game that my friend and I went to back in April, which was pretty nifty, considering the playing field was made of ice.

Having been to all of 2 professional hockey games in my life, I can’t claim to know anything about hockey strategy, or customs or players, so I can’t comment on the Rangers’ performance like I can with baseball games. They seemed to turn the puck over to the Capitals a lot, but that might just be the way the game works. I was, however really impressed with the Rangers’ goalie, Henrik Lundqvist, who preserved a 2-0 shutout for the team, despite the Capitals taking 31 shots on goal.
The real Rangers fans seemed to appreciate his performance too, so I feel quite comfortable saying that he did a very good job.


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