Not a moment too soon…

I finished up two projects over the past week: my Tangled Yoke Cardigan and My So-Called Scarf, and just in time, too. It seems like the cold weather is here to stay. Last weekend was Marathon Weekend, and a marathon of a marathon weekend at that. I had friends in town to watch the races, so I was up and out before dawn last Saturday for the men’s Olympic trials in Central Park.

This is the least blurry photo I have of Ryan Hall, the eventual winner of the race. He was that fast (actually, it was rather dark out for the race, and I was shivering, so my pictures suffered a bit. He was really fast, though). I have a lot of mixed emotions about the day, and my condolences go out to Ryan Shay’s family and friends.

The New York City Marathon was more pleasant, both timing- and weather-wise. My guests and I met up with some friends from school at the much more civilized hour of 11 AM to watch the elite women and men run up First Avenue.

We cheered them on from 64th St, and then ate brunch and watched the finish of the race on TV. This was the first time I’ve watched, and since both the men’s and women’s competitions were decided in the final hundreds of meters, it was pretty exciting. I do have to say that it felt a little strange to be chowing down on pancakes while watching really, really fit people running, but I got over that pretty quickly.

Even though I started wearing the My-So-Called Scarf out of desperation on Saturday, I didn’t actually finish it until the eighth round of my pub quiz on Monday night where I was playing as half of the Toledo Mudhen Hall-of-Famers. Here are the final specs:
Yarn: 2 skeins Manos del Uruguay in colorway “Mar”
Needles: Size US 11 (8 mm)
Modifications: Cast on 26 instead of 30 stitches to make longer, narrower scarf.

I couldn’t believe how fast this was to knit. I started it as a way to put off picking up stitches for the Tangled Yoke, and to have a project that was portable, and I nearly finished it before I sewed the buttons on to my cardigan. I guess that’s the difference that knitting with 8 mm needles instead of 3mm needles makes. It was done long before I got tired of the pattern, which is a problem that I often have with scarves, and it’s quite warm and cushy. I’d definitely be willing to make another of these in a different colorway in the future.


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