Oh what a tangled. . .

. . .yoke we knit?
I’ve been finished with my Tangled Yoke Cardigan since marathon weekend, and I like it so much that I’m wearing it yet again (it seems to have become my favorite weekend article of clothing, so I’ve been airing it out during the week. I’ve decided that this weekend I’m going to throw all caution to the wind and wet-block. My swatch didn’t undergo the drastic changes that other people’s did upon washing, and Soak seems like it’s pretty mild. And if the shoulders get a bit broader, that’ll just make the sweater fit better.

The final specs:

Yarn: Valley Yarns English Tweed in Light Sage (from Webs
Needles: Addi Turbos in 2 mm and 3 mm, Addi Lace in 2.5 mm and 3 mm, Knitpicks Options in 2.25 mm
Buttons: Albino Horn from Tender Button
Modifications: Lengthened body by a total of about 2 inches. Made sleeves narrower by knitting ribbing with smaller needles and changed the spacing of increases to adjust for differing row gauge. Added an extra pair of short rows to back neck to accommodate row gauge. Increased the number of stitches picked up for the front button and buttonhole bands.


For my first attempt at picking up and knitting a button band, I think I did an OK job (and this is another area where a little more ease could help matters). This sweater was a very enjoyable knit–it’s a nice blend between fairly mindless stockinette and an unusual cable pattern. The increases and decreases were a bit fiddly at times, but the final product is more than worth it. I especially appreciated the seamless construction of the cardigan. The mock seam stitches give a bit of structure without any of the actual sewing required for a more traditional sweater.

I found out too late about NaSweKniMo, which is probably a good thing, since I normally can’t resist this sort of challenge, even though I’ve yet to complete one of them (the Knitting Olympics, The Amazing Lace) over the alloted time. I did start another sweater this month, but too late for it to be realistic to be able to finish by the end of November.
It’s the Racer Pullover kit that I bought from Shelridge Farm at Stitches East in October. I’ve finished about 8 inches of each sleeve and have yet to start on the body. The Shelridge wool-cotton blend is wonderful to knit up. It’s nice and soft and squishy and the hand-dyed yarn has enough color variation to keep things very interesting.

And if any more proof was needed that it’s now sweater weather:
It’s not the first frost by any means, but it’s the first one that I was able to catch when I had my camera with me.


2 thoughts on “Oh what a tangled. . .

  1. It’s really beautiful.

    i’ve only about 4 inches of the back of my veste so i hope i finish before the morning frost turns back to dew! you amaze me by how much you knit (large useful garments)!

    i love the colours of the new one and look forward to seeing how it turns out.`

  2. Pretty!

    And I’m impressed by all the modifications you made. It all seems so complicated. In a “you know what you’re doing” way, not a “needlessly complicated” way.

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