Winter Weather

We finally got some. Sort of.
Sunday afternoon and evening saw some pretty heavy flurries. It wasn’t anything too substantial, even though it was pretty fast and furious at times, but it was enough for a little dusting to stick in the street tree wells.

Tuesday was a different story.  For a brief period in the afternoon, we got enough snow to start covering the grass in the park a bit.


It wasn’t to last, though.  I’m glad that I took pictures on Tuesday afternoon, because it was all gone the following morning.

Of course, as it’s mid-February, that one day that truly warms a girl’s heart, that’s a shining beacon amidst all the snow and rain and darkness and drear of winter has come and gone this Thursday. A day that fills us with fond memories of the past and hope for the future. Really, it’s one of the more dreamy days of the year.

I’m talking, of course, of the day that pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training. However cold and blustery it may be outside, it’s comforting to know that scenes like this:
are just a few short weeks away. Opening day is March 31st.

My garter stitch project looks much as it did last week, only bigger. I’m very close to being completely finished, but I still have to work on making the bind-off look more like the cast-on edge. I’m using a decrease bind-off (scroll down), which is much closer to a cable cast on than anything I’ve tried, but isn’t perfect. I think a good blocking would help it, but then there’s little that can’t be helped by a good blocking. I’ve been looking ahead a bit, and trying to decide what to cast on next.  I’ve been thinking that some Jaggerspun Zephyr DK weight might make a very nice short-sleeved Wicked, but that I should finish the Racer Pullover before starting anything else that’s a larger-scale project.  Some simple socks are probably going to fit the bill, since they’ll be small enough to cart around in my purse, and easy enough to pick up and put down without having to worry about a lot of counting.


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