Be true to your scarf

Remember the garter stitch swatch I had going a couple weeks ago? The true identity of the project can finally be revealed. It’s a little something that I call the “Be True to Your School Scarf”, which I designed and knitted for J for his birthday. He’s a big fan of The Ohio State University sports teams, so I decided to make him a sideways-knit garter stitch scarf in that school’s colors to warm him up during March Madness, and any of the other New England weather that would precede or follow it. It took a couple of tries to get a stripe sequence that I liked, but I think the effort was worth it. J seemed to like the scarf very much, and I think it’s fair to say that he looks rather dashing in it. Someday I may even post a picture of the scarf in action. Until then, a not-terribly-flattering picture of me modeling the finished product will have to suffice.

In a happy coincidence, the school colors for Ohio State and MIT are very similar (a mere substitution of MIT’s “cardinal” for OSU scarlet), so the scarf can serve double duty and be true to our alma mater as well.

The yarn that I used was Cascade 220 in Silver Gray and Christmas Red, but the yarn comes in so many other colors that the scarf should be infinitely adaptable.

I also got to interact with the knitting community quite a bit this week. I’m a member of a knitting website called Ravelry, and recently I got a message from a fellow knitter who had run out of the yarn she was using to make a sweater asking if I could spare any. I could, of course, because I had over half a pound of yarn left over from my Tangled Yoke cardigan, so we set up an exchange–four ounces of my yarn for four ounces of this:

Dream In Color Smooshy in Wisterious. The picture doesn’t do the yarn justice. The colors are just luminous in person, and the yarn definitely lives up to its name. While we were getting everything set up, we found out that we were both huge fans of both knitting and baseball, although we’re on opposite sides of a rivalry. But that’s part of the beauty of knitting in general, and Ravelry in specific–it brings together all sorts of people who might not ordinarily meet.

I also brought my traveling sock to my first Sit’n’Knit NYC event, a large social that can be best described as “speed-dating for knitters”. It was pretty nifty, and a lot more fun than I imagine that “speed dating for real” could ever be. I got to move around the room and meet a whole bunch of local knitters, and see what they were all working on, or had brought to show off. I had a great time, and I have so many ideas for new projects. The Sit’n’Knit seems like a really cool group of people, and I’m really looking forward to future meet-ups that they have. I’m even considering participating in the sock exchange that they run every spring. I’ve never done anything like that though, so I’m a little bit apprehensive about meeting the deadline and making socks that are up to snuff.


And finally, because I haven’t done it in ages, a little eye candy to conclude the post. We’re in the throes of some real winter weather now, so I got to take some pictures of frozen water droplets on the ornamental kale in front of a local building.


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