Rainy day knitting

I keep turning the volume up on the spring training game, but try as hard as I might to pretend that I’m actually in Tampa right now, the howling of the wind and sound of rain against my windows are a pretty strong reminder that I’m actually still up north, and the weather is still wintry. At least live baseball is back on TV again.
The second robin of spring
I managed to snap a picture of the second robin of spring. I tried to photograph the first robin of spring, but he flew away before I could get my camera out of my bag. It’s still a little chilly for them, though, I think. They were both puffed up to try to keep warm in the breeze.


I also finished up my Opal Rainforest socks. They were great to carry around with me, and to have as my “social knitting” project. The Opal is a nice, non-splitty yarn, so I could knit without really looking at what I was doing, but the self-patterning of the yarn kept things interesting for me.

I ended up with a 9.5″ cuff on the socks, and I had approximately 60 yards left over, so I could have made them a bit longer.

I haven’t quite decided on a pattern for my next pair of traveling socks, but I think it’ll be something a tiny bit more demanding than the previous pair. I’ll start working toe-up and see what kind of mood strikes me.
I have picked out the yarn, though. It’s Storm Moon Knits’ sock yarn, in Rip Her to Shreds, and it’s just the thing to chase the rainy-day-blues away.


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