Signs of Spring

It seems like it’s warming up for real around here, lately. The days are getting longer (much longer thanks to Daylight Savings being earlier), and the first buds of spring are starting to open. From the crocuses in windowboxes…


to the snowdrops in Central Park…


Color and life are returning to the city.

Speaking of color, I got a big jump on my latest pair of socks at a Sit ‘n’ Knit New York meetup last weekend. The Twilight Sock yarn pleasantly surprised me by turning out to be self-patterning. The lighter and darker pinks and purples spiral up the length of the sock. I had a little bit of a gauge issue at one point that caused some odd pooling on the leg, but I just ripped back a few rows to get everything consistent again. I didn’t want to interrupt the patterning when I turned the heel, so I knitted my favorite, a short-row heel using the yarn from the outside of the ball.

I chose a ribbed cable pattern from the first Barbara Walker Treasury, which combines twisted stitches and cable crossings. The twisted stitches make it a little bit trickier to knit this without a cable needle, but I feel that if I can deal with this pattern, I can handle pretty much any cable pattern without a cable needle.

One of the many reasons that I prefer to knit my socks toe-up is that it does allow me to make a lot of design decisions at the last minute. I decided to use two different ribbings for the cuff of the sock. For the front and back, I chose a k1 tbl, p2 rib, and I just let the k1 tbl, p1 cables unwind on the sides. The sock legs are 11.5 inches long, but the knitting just flew by. Now it’s on to the second sock of the pair, and then to continue working through my sock stash.


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