One year (almost) gone

What better way is there to celebrate the completion of shockingly pink socks than with a shockingly pink drink? The day that I’m too old for Shirley Temples is the day that I’m just plain…too old. I’m very happy with the way these socks turned out. The yardage of the Twilight Sock was generous enough that I could get a pair of tall socks out of one skein with a comfortable 25 yards left over at the end. If I had made them taller, I would have had to mess around with calf shaping, which was beyond the scope of these socks, as far as I’m concerned. It doesn’t show up too well in the pictures, but the cables and twisted stitches really “pop” in this yarn, and I’m pleased with how soft and smooshy it is. All I have left to do is to wash and block them so I can wear my socks out of the house.


Now that I’m finished with the “Rib Her to Shreds” socks (sorry, Debbie Harry!), I decided to go through my stash to find some inspiration for my next pair. While I was looking at my sock yarn, I realized that I really must know what shades and colorways I like, because I keep buying them over, and over, and over again. That’s actually not even a complete set yet, and I think I can do something sort of similar with my collection of teal and green yarn as well, although there is a good bit less of that. I feel like maybe I should branch out some, but I’m not fond of warm colors like reds and oranges, so that limits things a bit.  Perhaps I should just continue with my “yarn fast” for a while after Easter until I can work my way through more of it.

I finally decided to stick with more happy springtime colors for the next set of socks that I cast on:

It’s the closest possible thing to carrying some of the flowers that are currently in bloom around with me in my purse. Of course, it’s also a lot neater, what with not having to also carry around dirt and mulch to keep said spring flowers alive. It’s a win-win situation all around.


It’s amazing how fast time gets away on you. Just a little bit over a year ago, I started this blog after going to one of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s book launches and being inspired to start writing about my knitting. I’d like to thank the Readership for their advice, patience, and proofreading, because I’ve had so much fun staking out this little corner of the internet in the name of knitting and the Yankees. I know that it’s traditional to celebrate a “blogiversary” with a Very Special Entry, and I hope to do that next year. This year, however, it’s a holiday weekend, so instead of updating I’ll be celebrating by choosing to follow some wise advice that I found scrawled on a subway wall:


One thought on “One year (almost) gone

  1. that’s good advice to follow, in so many situations! I love all of those colors, too, and your current sock project colorway makes me happy just looking. Enjoy the holiday … it is almost baseball season for real!

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