Here Come the Yankees

It felt so good to be back at Yankee Stadium for my first game of the year that I almost didn’t mind the final result of the game. Andy Pettitte was making his first start after being on the DL that April 5th, and while he wasn’t 100% yet, and was clearly very tired during his last inning, he didn’t look too bad overall. Now, the Yankee bats on the other hand…let me just say that I have the utmost confidence that they will warm up as the weather does (and let me also wish Derek, Jorge and Jose continued and speedy recoveries from their respective injuries).

We were lucky enough to go to a game on the one nice day of the weekend, and our section (14, the no-alcohol section on the third base side of the upper deck) was positively warm and sunny. I could have used one or two fewer layers of clothing and one or two more layers of sunscreen.

Another nice thing about the game was getting to see some of the young pitchers in action. Ross Ohlendorf got some work in (although he did give up a solo home run), and at one point Joba Chamberlain was up in the bullpen.

However, every trip to Yankee Stadium from here on out will be bittersweet, because they’ve put a “regular season countdown clock” up above the bleachers.
After each game is “official”, someone who was affiliated with the team lowers the number by one. Joe Pepitone did the honors at our game.

I also finished the toe and got into the striped portion of my homestand socks (pictured with Alex Rodriguez in the distance). As it turns out, I didn’t quite get the stripes the right length, as the navy blue doesn’t extend for a full two rows. I can get things pretty close by changing my stitch count from the original planned measurements, and by watching my gauge I can ensure that the little jog is on the bottom of my foot.


I got a good bit of knitting done between attending that game and watching games on TV. I’d also like to invite recommendations for a good scorecard book. I’m planning to go to at least 8 more games, and the scorecard/programs that they sell at the Stadium add up very quickly at $7 a pop. The one posed with my sock also contained a poster of Derek Jeter and a recipe for French Toast (if I recall correctly),

Oh, and on this day in 1980, Tommy John pitched a complete game, 2-hit shutout for the Yankees against the Chicago White Sox. While I’ve decided to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the event with some (more) yarn in my favorite family of colors, I’m rooting for recent birthday-boy Chien-Ming Wang to celebrate with a similar performance against some Sox of a different color.


One thought on “Here Come the Yankees

  1. The socks look awesome!!

    My eyes tingled (is that a word?) the other day when we drove by … it had been a while so seeing the other one was a sudden shock. *sigh*

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