In the green

Sit ‘n’ Knit NYC had its spring party last night, and in honor of Earth Day, we had a cup cozy competition. I got a late start on mine, casting on the night before, getting a few rows in and then knitting feverishly throughout the event to try to finish it in time (I came close, but didn’t quite make it. Note to self: when knitting for speed, avoid sport weight yarn). The winning cozy of the evening was a very pretty green color and was laced up with a matching satin ribbon, and unfortunately I didn’t write down the knitter’s name. As always, I had a great time chatting with everyone, and came away with several different projects to try in the future, including the Maude sweater, which is really cute in person. I also won one of the door prizes in a raffle! It’s the skein of Hemp for Knitting Allhemp 6, in color 019, a beautiful spring green. In keeping with the green theme of the evening, I think I’ll turn the yarn into a shopping bag. I might see how much of the Everlasting Bagstopper I can get out of one skein and pick up a second skein if needed.

All too soon it was time for me to head down to Brooklyn for my regular pub quiz night. I felt bad having to run out of the party early (especially after winning the raffle), but in the end, I’m glad I did. It turned out that none of the other teams of two at the pub quiz wanted to join forces, so if I’d flaked out, my friend D. would have been playing alone, which can’t be much fun. The fact that the two of us somehow snatched victory from the jaws of defeat certainly didn’t hurt either.

Although I didn’t manage to get all the way through my cup cozy at the knitting party, between the subway ride and the quiz I had time to finish knitting and bind it off. Here’s my cup cozy moonlighting as a soda cozy at pub quiz.

And here’s my cozy doing the job it was intended for on my midmorning coffee. I sure am glad that I picked yarn that is busy, superwash and heavy on the brown for this project because I’ve already managed to spill coffee on it. I have a feeling that this cozy is going to be getting washed on a very regular basis. But hey, it keeps my hand cool and my coffee warm, and what more can I ask from an evening’s worth of knitting?


One thought on “In the green

  1. Not only did you make a cup cozy, you are using it. Bravo! I think the grocery bag is a great idea. I am totally borrowing from your queue to mine. šŸ™‚

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