Garden party


There’s nothing like an early-spring jaunt to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. When J was in town early in April, we headed out there to see the beginnings of the cherry tree blossoms.


At the time, the cherry tree map (mouse over the tree symbols for pictures) indicated that there were only a couple of trees in bloom, but they were definitely worth seeing.

Most of the cherry blossom action was happening around the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden. The pond is well stocked with koi, who clearly expected us to feed them, and ducks, who were fighting over their turf. There were so many ducks in the garden that day that pretty much every body of water that was duck-width or wider had a few ducks in it.


Of course, there’s a lot more to the garden than the cherry trees. They had fountains and bunnies. There are plenty of garden walks that are nicely landscaped, as well as a series of conservatories that are connected underground. The tops of the conservatories poke out into the paved area where the snack bar is, and it’s altogether a pretty efficient use of space.


This was my indication of what a classy place the Botanic Garden is. They have Society Garlic–none of that riff-raff garlic for them.

They had a few really neat looking bonsai as well. I really admired the ones that were grown over and around large rocks. It’s a form that I’m not so familiar with.


While we were still at the garden, J was kind enough to re-enact winter for a few moments so I could get a picture of him in his Be True To Your School Scarf. Now that I’ve gotten to see it in person, I’m so happy with how it turned out, and that he liked it.


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