Super-secret socks

A while back I posted a picture of some sock yarn I was casting on, and then I never mentioned it again. That wasn’t because I had flitted on to a new project in the meantime (for once), but because the project in question was for my knitting group’s secret sock exchange, and I didn’t want to spill the beans. But our socks have been swapped, and can now be revealed:
They’re Pomatomus by Cookie A. from Knitty, and they’re in Fleece Artist Nova Sock in Amethyst. I made them for my sock partner, Nicole, who has awesome taste in yarn, hobbies, and spectator sports (although she may be a bit misguided in which team she roots for). Anne-Marie did a great job in partnering us up based on our mutual love of baseball, and this is yet another example of how knitting has allowed me to meet people who are just all around super-cool

And here are the adorable socks that I got in exchange (see, it wasn’t a pyramid scheme at all!). They’re in Socks that Rock Silkie, and are simultaneously cushy, cozy, and really snazzy looking. Pretty much all of my favorite colors are in there, and I love them.

At the end of the exchange, we took a group sock shot.

An afternoon with happy feet, all around!


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