It’s in the bag

My Everlasting Bagstopper is complete! I bound off during the Sit ‘n’ Knit Sock Exchange Party, which was especially appropriate, because I’d won the yarn at one of the group’s parties. I ended up supplementing the skein of Allhemp 6 I’d won with a second skein from Knitty City because my attempt at making a one-skein bag wasn’t working out, and it was definitely worth it to have a proportional-looking tote. Despite my casting on 4 fewer stitches for the base and using US 10 needles instead of US 10.5 needles, the bag turned out huge, and it expands to fit pretty much anything that I could want to carry in it. I’m a little nervous about how sturdy the job I did sewing the handles on will be, but hopefully I reinforced it enough. I’m not usually a fan of knitting with plant fibers (they’re really tough on my hands), but the hemp yarn wasn’t too hard to work with, and this bag sure does knit up quickly. I’m also a big fan of the bright saturated green color of the yarn. It really “pops” in person.

The grosgrain ribbon that I’m using as handles was purchased during my first-ever excursion to M&J Trimming. I bought 1.5 yards, but I ended up only using about a yard of it total. This is a very large, very stretchy bag, and longer handles than that would have resulted in bruised knees. I also picked up some absolutely darling daisy buttons for another project. I was really impressed by the selection of ribbons, and buttons and laces and stuff that they sell there, and I’m looking forward having an excuse to go back. Perhaps my bagstopper will need a drawstring closure after all. . .

Despite the chilly evenings and fluctuating temperatures, there are still plenty of reminders that spring has actually arrived in the city. The lilacs are in bloom in Central Park and elsewhere.

I came across a large stand of them by the Sheep Meadow when I was cutting across the park on my way home from Knitty City.
I’m not used to seeing lilacs that are this particular shade of pink-purple, but I like it. And anything that makes the city smell nice for a few weeks a year is much appreciated.


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